Sunday, October 10, 2010

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How You Can Help Offline
A Map To Mahindrama's Temple
The Memorial - 3rd February 2008
Malaysians, Do NOT Get Us In Trouble With Your Comments

Letters and Opinions In The Media

Taking a Gamble
A Timely Wake-up Call
Who Says Corruption Does Not Kill?
Better Bus Travel For All
Bus Tragedy Was No Accident
How Many More, How Long More Should We Wait?

Letters To The Editor Of The Star (regarding Slim River Bus Crash)

Letters From Inspiring Individuals

Haris Ibrahim's (the man behind the "Save The Judiciary" petition) Email
This Email Makes Sense
Student Writes Letter To The Prime Minister

Newspaper Clippings Regarding Past Bus Crashes

20 Dead In Malaysian Bus Crash
Bukit Gantang Bus Crash: Victim No.22 Succumbs
Bukit Gantang Crash Aftermath

Chan: Refresher Courses A Must

Errant Bus Operators and Drivers Targeted

Five agencies in blitz over errant buses
CVLB backs jail move
JPJ To Conduct Checks At Bus Terminals
CVLB cards for express bus drivers

Foundation Cites JPJ officers for alleged negligence
Past Bus Tragedies
Bukit Gantang Carnage : Kang Choy Pointing Finger Of Blame At Everybody Except Himself
Cops: No warrant of arrest for 'fatal crash' bus driver

Newspaper Clippings of The Slim River Bus Crash

Two die, three injured in bus crash

Dua maut, 9 parah bas terbalik
Bus crash: Driver had 13 outstanding summonses
Seorang lagi penumpang bas ekspres meninggal
Pesan Beli Kain Kafan
Family Mourns Loss Of Beautiful, Intelligent Go-getter
Penumpang nampak pemandu bas main sms
Nian Ning's Memorial (Sin Chew Daily, Guang Ming, Nanyang)
Online petition for Nian Ning
Spotlight: Website receives 10,000 signatures


In Loving Memory of Lee Nian Ning (1987-2008)


Pictures That Will Be Remembered


James Kenan said...
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cetak said...

It is all about enforcement. This afternoon at about 1pm I saw a school van yellow in colour speeding on the right lane of the Federal Highway with full of children, many of them standing with seats occupied. I think more than 20 of them inside, imagine full of school children and the drivers speeding like hell on the fast lane of Federal Highway. Also we can always see buses speeding very fast with more than 100km/hr on the fast lane of the Federal Highway. No need to go far. North South Highway anytime you see buses speeding.