Thursday, January 31, 2008

How You Can Help Offline

To all the concerned netizens of Malaysia,

We aim to bring this petition to a wider level by urging anyone of you to step up and be a rep in your school/university/workplace.

In this way, we are able to collect more signatures as the days go by.

As a rep, your duty would be to keep hold of the petition form and approach your colleagues for signatures.

Bear in mind that those who sign the petition have not already signed the online petition. We don't want to skew the numbers.

We will send you the petition form as soon as you've emailed us at

The list of reps will be listed out on the sidebar so that people of that particular institution/company will be able to approach you to join the petition.

The petition can either be scanned and sent back to us or snail-mailed back to our team leader.

Thank you everyone!


Ean Kee said...

I strongly supporting this petition, we, members if the public should not have the attitude of standing on the fence eventhough incident like this does not stike our family or love ones. We should be brave to report to police, or any relevent authority to bring the tranffic offender to task.My deepest condolescence to the family of the decease. May they rest in peace.-Ean Kee

Anonymous said...

May I know why the petition is only for Malaysian? Both Malaysian and non-Malaysian are travel by express buses, especially tourists. The negligent of bus drivers and express bus companies can impact anyone on the road including whoever travel by cars, motocycles etc. It is hindrane to Malaysian tourism industry!!!