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Bus tragedy was no accident

Malaysiakini - 16 August 2007

Moaz Yusuf Ahmad | Aug 16, 07 5:11pm

I refer to the malaysiakini report Bus crash kills 20, two in critical condition. My condolences and prayers go out to the families of those who were injured or lost their lives as a result of this tragic bus crash along the North-South Expressway near Bukit Gantang.

This was no accident, and while the negligence of the driver may have been a factor in the crash, it was not the only factor. The traffic police, JPJ (Road Transport Department), Plus Bhd, CVLB (Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board), Transport Ministry and the Economic Planning Unit, along with the bus operator and the driver must all share responsibility for this tragedy.

The government agencies failed us when they failed to enforce the laws, rules, and regulations that are designed to keep the public safe. Our trust in these government agencies is hurt with each bus collision, each near-miss and each reckless bus driver.

The private transport companies failed us when they put their profits above their responsibility to the safety of the public. Private transport companies cannot be allowed to put their profits over the safety and security of the Malaysian people.

Private bus operators have shown that they are not committed to service and safety. That is why the government must restructure the public transportation industry, blacklist these dangerous companies and eliminate this unnecessary and dangerous competitive system.

The best way to encourage people to use public transportation is not to maintain artificially low fares. The government should allow higher fares and use tax credits to help those who cannot afford higher fares. It may turn out that bus fares rise as a result of this increased enforcement. However, this is something that we must accept. We cannot put a price on our safety and security.

The Malaysian people are trusting their government to do the right thing. Please, do not shatter this trust.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Malaysians,

My condolences and prayers go out to the families of those who were injured or lost their lives as a result of this tragic bus crash.

Personal safety is not high on the minds of the millions of Malaysians who commute for whatever reason.

Moaz Yusuf was quick to point out that negligence MAY have been a contributing factor in the accident and is also might I add quick to make just about every authority in Malaysia responsible.

However, I have noticed that the Proton cars have REAR-SEAT-BELTS, taxi's included. How many Malaysians have used this for THEIR OWN SAFETY?

Similarly, I have also noticed that there are seat belts on many of the newer busses, How many of Malaysians have used this for THEIR OWN SAFETY?

Before blaming others for the cause of tragic events, did we even care to look into our OWN SAFETY or simply leave it the responsibility of JPJ, CVLB et-cetera.

The bus company despite the 13 outstanding summons, cannot be held responsible if you go flying out of the bus. If adequate safety precautions and measures were provided for. i.e. IF THE SEAT BELT was made available to you and you FAILED to USE IT, why blame the bus company or anyone else for that matter?

Take responsibility for your own safety, SEAT-BELTS are there to save lives, BUCKLE UP!