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The Memorial - 3rd February 2008

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Let's get back to the Memorial, shall we?

Last Sunday marked the 9th day since the loss of Lee Nian Ning and 2 other victims in the Slim River Bus Tragedy. The Mahindarama Buddhist Temple management held a Memorial and paid tributes to Nian Ning.

The lecture hall was filled with relatives, friends and also devotees who showed great support. The Team at Bus Crash No More were able to call upon the press to witness the event as well. You can check it out at the links below:

It all began at 10am, with the arrival of guests and the honourable reverands of the temple. As Nian Ning was a student of this Mahindarama Sunday Pali School, many of her Sunday School friends helped to organize the memorial. The Chief Monk led the chant of The 5 Precepts.

Sister Suriya, the emcee for the day invited Mr. Lee Hock Chuan, Nian Ning's father to give a speech after the chant. The anticipating crowd were solemn and in sorrow. Grief filled the air of the hall. Deep in our hearts, we know we need to be strong.

Next up, a bosom buddy of Nian Ning, Amy took to the stage to share memories from their friendship, of which began since they were in standard one. The sharing session was very tear-jerking and emotional. Brother Justin, Nian Ning's Sunday School classmate followed to share his thoughts as well.

A 20 minutes chanting session took place after the heart-touching speech. A chant that we all hope that Nian Ning's soul will rest in peace and keep her family stronger by each day.

A petition drive was carried out by close friends to garner support to sign the petition. A total of almost 400 signatures were collected from the morning itself.

That was the memorial for Nian Ning.

Rest in peace. In loving memory of Lee Nian Ning (1987-2008)

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