Monday, February 4, 2008

Malaysians, Do NOT Get Us In Trouble WIth Your Comments

We set up a blog in hopes that there would be more public awareness about the seriousness of this issue. We hoped that everyone would understand how scary it would be, especially for students who study in other states when they take the buses home.

However, there are PEOPLE misusing the comments to defame the prime minister and spread political agenda like asking us to go under BERSIH's umbrella or asking DAP to help us. It's all very against the current government.

You few Malaysians don't need us young people to TELL YOU what is right or wrong. Do you seriously think you are in your right state of mind to post seditious comments on this blog? I don't care if it's borderline seditious but use your brain before posting. Four of us will end up in jail thanks to you. Did Nat Tan's case not teach you anything?

This blog is NOT to be used to lobby against the current government. Granted we would like the government to take heed of our plight seeing that the elections are near, perhaps we stand a better chance to be heard. However, it is not YOUR position to dictate who we should cling on to go against the current government.

I've deleted those comments to save us four blog moderators.

This is for Nian Ning, Mohd. Zailani and Boon Eng.

This is not to be used as a political agenda.

Do not get us in trouble.

edited: Apparently, this move did not go down well with a lot of people.

Do understand that we never said that we do not support the existences of oppositions. We have seen how irrational the authorities can be and just grab whoever they see first if they see something "not right" in the cyberworld. A world that they do not understand

By "not right", if you didn't see the kind of comments that was posted up, please do not act like we are merely kids who are apathetic. It wasn't merely a kind "Oh, please ask the opposition for help" but it was things that you don't want to be said about your mother or your father. It was targeted at our ministers. They might not be the best at what they are doing, but this is not the place to burn them at the stake and leave us to handle the mess, should there be any.



Anonymous said...
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buscrashnomore said...
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jc wong said...

drive safe always!

Anonymous said...

We students, with our number alone can make a different , we should force the bus company to abide by the law. Lets force them to hear us, lets stop using those bus company which are not resposible. For a starter how about this particular company. For the next peak holiday, we university student should unite and boycott this company.

Sun Tzu II said...

Aye, hurray for the last poster! (even though you're anonymous).

Khong said...

my view is sometimes it will be FATE when God has come calling for us when the time is up...
however, stil it is mandatory that road safety precaution as well as human errors be practised at the strictest condition. honestly there is nothing that we can do about the departed. let us just pray for they will rest in peace.and we who r still living must be tough (esp the departed families/relatives/friends) to move on and look forward a better future.