Friday, February 1, 2008

Haris Ibrahim's(the man behind the "Save The Judiciary" petition) Email

I emailed Haris Ibrahim asking for advice regarding our concerns if IC numbers are actually needed for the petition. Whatever it is, there was no turning back as it had already crossed 2000 signatures by then.

Fortunately, this was his reply.


Hi Jolene,
Firstly, let me congratulate you and your friends for taking the initiative to start the petition. I have signed it ( No. 1733 ).
I do not think that it is fatal if your petition does not bear the ic numbers of the signatories. I was insistent on ic numbers for my 'Save the Judiciary' petition given that it was being sent to the Agong and I felt that, for that reason, ic numbers would serve as an assurance for the monarch that all the signatures were legitimate.
Good luck and God bless


PEOPLE! Haris Ibrahim signed our petition! We are truly humbled that someone whom we have admired for his effort in raising awareness on past issues have stepped up to support us. We will move forward with your continued support. Thank you Haris!


Anonymous said...

My family too had a close call in this incident.God was kind to us that day and spared the lives of my aunt & cousin.My heart goes out to all those affected by this incident.Shall I say that this petition is a noble effort but I,like many other Malaysians have lost faith in the power of public opinion or the gov of Malaysia.Nothing much will change,incidents happened in the past and will go on repeating until the gov wakes up!

Anonymous said...

My deepest sympathy and heartfelt go to Nian Ning family
An incident could be avoided !!!
I wonder what is the government and the transport ministry doing, yes very little effort,not too long ago,same incident took 28 lives ,this is totally unacceptable
, why this unqualified and unfit drivers still on the the road
for the government

Anonymous said...

Dear Malaysians,

My condolences and prayers go out to the families of those who were injured or lost their lives as a result of this tragic bus crash.

Personal safety is NOT high on the minds of the millions of Malaysians who commute for whatever reason.

Moaz Yusuf was quick to point out that negligence MAY have been a contributing factor in the accident and is also, might I add quick to make just about every authority in Malaysia responsible.

However, I have noticed that the Proton cars have REAR-SEAT-BELTS, taxi's included. How many Malaysians have used this for THEIR OWN SAFETY?

Similarly, I have also noticed that there are seat belts on many of the newer busses, How many of Malaysians have used this for THEIR OWN SAFETY?

Before blaming others for the cause of tragic events, did we even care to look into our OWN SAFETY or simply leave it the responsibility of JPJ, CVLB et-cetera.

The bus company despite the 13 outstanding summons, cannot be held responsible if you go flying out of the bus. If adequate safety precautions and measures were provided for. i.e. IF THE SEAT BELT was made available to you and you FAILED to USE IT, why blame the bus company or anyone else for that matter?

Take responsibility for your own safety, SEAT-BELTS are there to save lives, BUCKLE UP!

Anonymous said...

It really sadden me that such a tragic event happened again.
I feel that the ministry of transport is not doing enough to go after the bus companies and to check on all drivers.
We are facing double dangers, the condition of the bus as well as the drivers.
The bus company should be taken to court to seek justice for the deceased.