Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pictures That Will Be Remembered

I believe, some may have just browsed through this site without really reading and understanding of what had actually happened. With these pictures, let me touch your feelings and reach your mind so that everyone would unite and show some caring heart in supporting this petition.

It is definitely tragic and horrific. But all we can do now is to make sure this does not happen again. Here are the sorrowful sights from the local newspapers.

Photo credits to The Star, NST and Sin Chew Daily.

The skid of the double-decked bus and off it crashed onto the mid-raillings and tumbled sideways.
It was further hit by an MPV at the tail of the bus.
Nian Ning and Zailani were sitting at the back row of the bus.

One of the victims claimed the bus was "well shaken" before hitting the mid-raillings.
Some of them "flew" off the bus upon impact and passed out.
This is what that is left, when the bus was lifted up back again.

A sorrowful sight at Nian Ning's house.
Solemn, dejected and heart-broken.

None of us want this incident to recur in Malaysia.
Together we can make a difference.


FREEscholarshipANU said...

I sincerely hope that your petition will get the attention of the relevant authorities, especially the enforcement units in making sure that only drivers with competency are allowed on the road. It is time that JPJ should seriously considered defensive driving course for all drivers on public road. It is also a reminder for all young drivers to drive carefully and bear in mind that you are also responsible for the passenger lives. I say this because I have seen young teenage drivers speeding at reckless speed, endangering not only their own lives but the lives of others.
Something has to be done at the authority level to ensure only competent drivers are allowed on the road in order to ensure safety for all users on the road.

Anonymous said...

time for buses to be equpped with seat belts but then again how many ppl are willing to wear it. Even in their own car hey could not be bother to wear in the front seat and now to ask them to wear in the rear or in buses. long long journey to get malaysian to believe in their own is not about the law or enforcement. It is time each person do their part for their own safety.