Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How many more, how long more should we wait?

The Star Online - 14 August 2007

Posted by: Lye See Leow

I am deeply saddened by the recent bus tragedy. I am angry as well. How could this happen??? Those perished are people's lives!!

I was a very common bus commuter. The bus is one of the most common and cheapest ways of travelling. Not everybody can afford to buy airplane tickets, even if we have a low-budget air company now.

I mentioned "I was" earlier because now I take the flight for fear of safety. Paying a little more so that I can travel with peace of mind. Bus accidents and disasters have long been heard in the news but where and what are the authorities doing about this? How many more lives should be taken away before we can stop such incidents from happening??

We already know that there are buses "FLYING" especially on the North-South Highway. They are flying above 120km/h. They overtake even the speeding cars. And flying even faster at night. There are laws but is anything done to make sure the law is enforced??

Malaysia - we are talking about 25 million people, high-class transportation system, very efficient highway but still, people are being killed in such incidents which can be totally avoided if there's real enforcement of law and some common sense.

Even in normal everyday driving to work, back home, many people drive thinking for themselves, stepping on the accelerator before the traffic light is about to turn yellow ... which to me, is extremely dangerous. Please sacrifice some minutes to wait for your turn, please value other people's lives, please drive not only for yourself but for others too. Please act unselfishly.

- People asked the question 'How many more, how long more should we wait?' Today, 6 months after the tragic bus accident of Bukit Gantang, 3 more precious lives were killed. Again, how many more, how long more should we wait until actions are taken?

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