Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who says corruption does not kill?

The Star Online - 17 August 2007

Posted by: ongvalen

After the bus accident, many were quick to point fingers at the bus company bosses. But have you wondered about other possibilities. Perhaps it could be - CORRUPTION, is it possible?

Let's explore a bit. Why is the bus still on the road despite so many summons? Doesn't it require annual checks? OK, even if the company didnot send it to for checking, still it should be proactive and inform the police to be on look out for this bus number. Then during road blocks, the police would then tow the bus away. Instead what did they do? They issue summons like concert tickets. The Govt agencies should visit the company premises and conduct surprise checks on the fleet of buses. There are so many actions they can take, instead of just issuing summons. Is it effective? You can issue up to 3 summons but if there is still no action, then they should take the next level of action.

So, it is possible, right? The only thing is there is no proof because it is often paid in cash or paid indirectly or through the maintenance contractors. Moreover noone wants to appear in court to testify.

So, it is perfectly possible that due to corruption, so many people have died! CORRUPTION KILLS!!! But I am not accusing anyone here, just exploring possibilities. Perhaps there is no corruption...I don't know. What do you think?

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