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In Loving Memory of Lee Nian Ning (1987-2008)

Family mourns loss of beautiful, intelligent go-getter

If you have a blog and you happen to blog about this tragic accident or about any of the three victims who lost their lives, kindly leave your permalinks in the comment box so that we can add your link to the list.


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Please be sensitive when you leave your blog links. We appreciate thoughts about the issue but we do not appreciate it if you are sending us a link of something you copied entirely without adding anything of your own. Thank you.

This list is compiled so that the the victims' families(as you can see, mostly Nian Ning's family) would like to see a whole compilation of warm messages. So do continue to share your thoughts, not something copied. :)

Updated by Jason as of 12th February 2008, 2351hrs, +8 GMT

Please keep it coming!


Sesshy said...

Sesshy ->

David Cheong said...

David Cheong -

jed said...

Jed Chuan -

Zzzyun said...

Zzzyun ->

JyMystique said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JyMystique said...

Memories keep those we love, close to us forever.

My heart goes out the families and friends of Lee Nian Ning.

With deepest sympathy.

angeliCassie said...


Dr. Tan said...

Tan Yee Hou

WIELMAJA said...

SK Chua

yapthomas said...

and e-mail sent to you and here is my blogpost.

Beat said...

Beatrice Chin

WnE said...

Sara Khoo said...

Sara Khoo

"Of Loss and Grief - Ning"

joosing said...


Kelly said...

Misplaced mind

RIP: Lee Nian Ning 1987 - 2008

Fiona said...

fiona lee

Terence said...

terence lee

pawmela said...

pamela tan

deepest condolences to e families.

Xin-Ci said...

Psychobabble by Xinch

patrickgun said...

lingzie said...

Rin said...


(Alternatively, if the Japanese scripts don't appear, my username is rindiggfelt. God bless.)

noc said...

Noc from

Anonymous said...

My link :

hope it helps her family and the rest of the people who perished in the crash.

Des said...

Thank you people.
All the links above is updated to the blogroll.

Please keep it coming. I will still update this post from time to time.

-we have a mission, all for Nianz-
may she be our strength, rest in peace Nianz.

on behalf of the Team@BusCrashNoMore

van said...

Vanessa Tan

James Ooi said...

James Ooi @ The J Blog


vingie said...

Him Vingie

deaf-knee said...


SilverIsle said...


williamt said...

Support pet

Kylie said...

Had a post on the accident and hope to get updates from time to time.

Name: Kylie

zthon said...

jason. great job.

Susan Chan said...

A Tragic Accident

A short one, hopefully it reaches the people.

-Susan C

Kimmy Sia said...

Tragedy keeps repeating itself. When will this end?

Klang Community discussion here:-

Angel~Yun Ying said...

Yun Ying

kavita said...

my deepest sympathy and prayers goes out to the families and friends of the victims..

it's sad that i actually was at the exact opposite side of the highway where it happened and we kept praying to ourselves that noone was hurt..


RainNe said...

Jing ju

RainNe said...

Jing ju

RainNe said...

Jing ju

puppyee said...

Alot of bus drivers drives recklessly. Almost all bus in KL I'd say. Mark my words when I say, they will not care about what happened to these poor victims. I don't know what to say about Malaysia anymore .. Soooo many accidents happened in the past before this but did they do anything and do they care?? no. Many times people are so outraged by the accidents that have occured but sooner or later, everything just disappears into thin air like nothing happened .. Malaysia .. memang boleh.

syen, neoh said...!8BA79AA7E1E5190C!616.entry!8BA79AA7E1E5190C!619.entry

Jian said...

Rest In Peace.


Abby said...

Abigail's -

shin said...

WeiKang said...

Even though I am not a friend of hers, a distant relative, but even from reading of what happened to her, I must say that it is tragic indeed. Someone dear from us was robbed of her life. I really hope some efforts will be put into curbing this problem ONCE AND FOR ALL.


cindy said...

Kenneth Wong said...

Kenneth Wong

Paige said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
musical_cook said...

Veng Hoong, Loh

dt86 said...

i very sad to hear about it ....
one more case .
JPJ annouce all the bus need to get a "kotak hitam" in the bus, izit work ?
JPJ annouce all bus rider attend course, izit work ?
JPA annouce to built the highway more wide and spend alot of money, izit work ?
JPA annouce to let the PLUS tol pay increase, izit they increase the highway safety ?

dear PM ( chairman of the road safe commitee ), minister of transport, minster of works, all minister and all YB.

if one of the Victims is ur family, what is ur feeling....


Monk[+]Icon said...

You have my support!

mob1900 said...


Alvin Luo said...

Malaysian Students Society, Birmingham UK

shinichi said...

Angie Lim

my condolences. good luck, will help if possible.=)

Sun Tzu II said...

Jun Lin

One way tickets

Norman Ng said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paige said...

I'm supporting..People! Let's do this--FULL FORCE!

Norman Ng said...

Let's put a stop to this menace...

Norman Ng

Amelia said...

Amelia Tay -

I'm doing my part.

Thanks for making it happen. =)

simon said...


Yee Lin said...




无情无义的虫皇 said...

I'm ON

SHAUN NG said...

I'm on as well. Lets fight for Nian Ning!

diane said...


siewkwan said...

I'm definitely supporting!

mrbherng said...


Anonymous said...


Orang Cina said...

Pls add me to your list

~*~AnGeL oF sArCaSm~*~ said...


maymay said...

Sze May - To Be Home Safely

Hui-Ling said...

Hui-Ling : Bus Crash No more!!!!

-davids- said...

A safe journey ahead-davids lim

Eve said...


s!mp|e chery| said...


Aaron Peng said...


Genova said...


Patchay said...


Zzzyun said...

Zzzyun ->

a new post abt the memorial today...

sXydeViL said...


Anonymous said...

Zemien - I Saw the Shadow of Death Again


Sun Tzu II said...

Jun Lin - Memorial Service, Post-event report/thoughts

DEvil_angEL said...


Az1 said...


scoobz said...

Doggy Thoughts

My condolences to Nian Ning's family... Although i did not personally know her, she was a good friend to a number of my friends. The news came as a shock to us and rest assured, we're all doing our best to spread the news.

Bangsa said...

Bus Crash No More

CHiN said...


lets all make a difference.

amandany-c said...

Amazing Grace.RIP!

Jon-C said...

Posted the link to your blog and the online petition in my blog. Hope this helps the petition.

JonC - Jon Cheah

Jason TAN said...

Jason Tan

footiam said...

Just thought I do a post on the tragedy. Check out

Eddie Lim said...


Anonymous said...

My blogroll:

Passionista said...

Alpha Lim

we mourn with you. we stand with you.

Like.No.Other said...

I pay my full Condolences to the families who lost their loved ones. Those who passed away wont come back no matter what we do or what happened. What we can do to raise our voice against the agnecies or authorities who are responsible to check the drivers; status and ask explanation why they failed to check; why no arrest warrant has been given? Besides, I put my petition to all of you to be careful on road while driving....

Eternal Snow said...


@h PhEn said...

Puvanan said...

Signed and posted in my blog. Hope that helps. My support and energy will always be with you people!

*noir illusions* said...

signed. my blog on it

taihowe said...

doink said...


my deepest condolences.

Ying said...


Anonymous said...

my deepest condolences

charmsterk said...

Charmine Tung

We're with you....You're not going tru this alone...

Jen said...

Bus Crash No More

[m]Lin said...

Anonymous said...


Let's Put A Full Stop

Anonymous said...

Hope all malaysian driver will stop while traffic sign show red

eric of seattle said...

You will be remembered, little prince, by those around you and those touched by the story of your tragic death; go on and may you rest in peace, LNN....

yeoyeong said...

Yeo Seak Yeong..

Jase Lee said...

JuN NinG said...

hate bus driver now a day,,, if dun take care own life is okie,,but dont involve other people life~~~ I really saw few buses drive lke 130 km/j at the night by myself, even i in fornt get horn by them, damn pissed. please, drive safety.

Anonymous said...

Full Support from me.

Generic Viagra said...

yes i really want to shy thanks for Malaysia government for takink effort to build safest road...

Mesa Medical Malpractice said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims. May their souls rest in peace.

Andi said...

My heart goes out to the families of the victims. I would suggest that grieving families visit as it might help to know there are people who are going through the same ordeal.