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Petition To Have Safer Bus Rides For Long Distance Routes

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We, the concerned youths of Malaysia express appalled anger towards the Slim River Bus Crash incident that claimed the life of Lee Nian Ning, Mohd. Zailani and Pang Boon Eng on the 25th of January 2008. This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred. Despite numerous complaints and public uproar in the past, incidents like this continue to occur. It was reported that the driver’s company had 13 summonses on that bus itself. We find it unacceptable that such a company could have operated that vehicle on the road.

What are the explanations?

Hundreds of thousands of university students just like Nian Ning and us rely on such public transport to travel back home. A human life should not be taken lightly.

How could a vehicle with 13 summonses be free on the roads and not be held by the authorities?

We, the following, hereby demand that the relevant authorities set up a committee consisting of road safety experts and representatives from relevant public bodies to conduct a thorough study to find effective solutions to ensure that mistakes like this do not occur again in the future.

We will not be quiet until we see it in the media that satisfactory measures have been taken.

To sign the petition,

please click here

and submit your FULL NAME(as in IC. Please don't use your nicknames or initials.) and e-mail. It will be considered one e-signature upon completion.

Alternatively, you may contact any of our representatives near you. (note their contact details at the sidebar)

Please do not leave initials or nicknames, only full name is accepted.

We thank you for your co-operation. Let us pray for those who have died to make way for change and keep our fingers crossed that someone, anyone will hear us and enforce that change.

Please put this in forums, bulletins, emails, blogs.....everywhere. We need all the support we can get. This is for you as well.


Des said...

I shall let the ball rolling.

Name: Desmond Tan Loke Hoay

I take express buses very often, at least twice a month (Pg-KL) as I stay in Penang and study in UM, KL. Nian Ning is one of my beloved friend and definitely none of us can predict who is going to be the next victim.

I hope this blog will gather as much attention as possible so that this issue can be escalated to the suitable party for remedial actions.

May Nian Ning and the other victims rest in peace.

Lingswaran Singh said...

Name; Lingswaran Singh

We have started a petition drive in UKM. Hopefully we will create enough pressure so that things may improve.

Its time we pressure the relevant authorities, so that no such accidents reoccur in the future. Bus services must improve on road safety, even before this incident there has been lots others.

Enough is Enough.

jlshyang said...

To participate in this petition, kindly send your full name and IC number to the

Thank you for your support!

| j-ann* | said...

i used to travel almost every couple of weeks while i studied in kl. i was supposed to follow her down.
it seems that action will only be taken if a v.i.p got hit but no, that would never happen coz only normal people take buses. these v.i.p.s nvr need to worry for they always travel expensively - by air and with escorts.

vingie said...

I will soon be traveling to and fro penang and KL by bus as I will be going KL to further my studies. The thought of boarding a bus now sends shivers down my spine.

I have already link this blog to my website. I hope it helps a little.

Rest In Peace to those that perished.

leeken said...

"We will take action", said the Federal traffic chief in The Star on the 29th of January 2008. How many times have we heard this? We will take action...We will take action…we will take action...
The same thing is repeated over and over again. Lives are lost and the only thing a person can say is "We will take action"? That is absolute nonsense. Why must lives be lost for action to be taken?



Accidents happen. Everyone knows that. But what about accidents caused by people who are incompetent, ignorant, and have sheer disrespect for human life? How do these people carry on with their lives? They are responsible for the lives of all the people under their care. Will a simple “We will take action” be suffice?

In Utusan Malaysia it was reported by certain witnesses that the bus driver was text messaging while driving. Text messaging??!! The person doing that must have brains the size of a nut, if not a fool. The only conclusion that one can arrive to is that this person has no respect at all for human life and dignity. Many times human beings are selfish and ignorant; I have no complaints with that. You can kill yourself or you can go jump off the bridge for all I care. What disgusts me is that they have no concern at all for the lives of other people. PLEASE HAVE RESPECT AND CONCERN FOR THE LIVES OF OTHERS!!

All relevant authorities must bear responsibility for the occurrence of such accidents, before and after. The mere statement of “We will take action” will not suffice. How many times have such accidents taken place? Always the response is “We are sad too”, “We will ensure this doesn’t happen again”, “We will look into the matter and find those responsible”. Do you think the families of those who perished care what you do? Lives have been lost. Nothing in the world you do will bring them back to life. What is the point of post-accident actions? The biggest failure of those responsible is the inability to take preventive measures. Secondly, and this is worse, is the fact that they continue with their conduct though they already know, that, that very simple action is against the law.

What do the authorities expect common citizens, people like us, to do? Lodge a report? That is fine, we will lodge a report. Sue the company? Fine, we will sue the company. Give time to the relevant authorities to take action and study the accident? That is fine, we can do that too. Heck you want us to follow the laws and be a good citizen and adopt the way of consensus and negotiations and sharing? We can do that too. The question is what is the point in doing all this??

Everyday the same things occur. Accidents like this, one after another. And yes, we are expected to follow all the procedures, obey the law and not make noise, to avoid disrupting peace and harmony. After all said and done, what has change? Nothing. We live in fear everyday not knowing what will befall us.

There should be some serious soul searching and self reflection. If we do not help ourselves, no one will.


SHAUN NG said...

I'm definitely supporting this. dammit, what kind of driver does that when they drive? i'm boycotting konsortium!

meihui said...

lee meihui

she was perfect in every single way..i really do hope she's in a better place now. rip nian'll be dearly missed by all of us.

take note could have been any one of us that was in her position. we all rely on those busses to travel from penang to KL(so many unis)/malacca(mmu)/johor(er..utm?)and all that. do realize that what happened to her could have happened to YOU. so please show that you care and sign the petition.

M. A said...

Name: Muhammad Akmal Hisham

Konsortium and other bus companies should start running proper background checks and enforce discipline in their drivers. The problem is that the ones with those responsibilities only shout "We will take action", but in the end it's all NATO (No Action, Talk Only).

Drastic actions to improve our nation's security and safety tend to be taken only when some well-connected person is affected. Even then, they usually end up being half-baked measures after a few years. This is far from being the first bus tragedy in recent months, and judging from the way things have always been, I fear this may not be the last.

Nian Ning had a truly bright future ahead of her, and it is such a pity she and the other innocent passengers had to lose their lives in a tragedy caused by a driver's utter foolishness. Speeding in a double-decker, in the rain and sending SMS at the same time? What is wrong with that driver's mind!? He is a murderer to me. Unfortunately, the most severe of punishments can never bring back what have been lost.

Though I have never known Nian Ning personally, I feel greatly for her friends and relatives' loss. I give this full petition my full support, and wish them all the best in getting through these tough times.

SilverIsle said...

I can't believe I've been taking Konsortium to travel up and down Kedah and Kuala Lumpur for the past three years. I don't want the same tragedy to happen to any other people. Something needs to be done!

snappergrl said...

This is what happens when we put uneducated people (literally and figuratively) behind the wheel, whether buses, trucks, lorries, vans... even private cars and motorbikes. Setting up investigation councils, slapping fines, issuing arrest warrants, spending millions of ringgit on cameras and machinery to catch errant drivers will not bring substantial change. We need to reach deep to the roots - education, a sense of responsibility, a sense of pride in what you do for a living (even if you are a bus driver, so what?)...

Sad things are happening to Malaysians in Malaysia even after 50 years of independence.

Eugene Leong said...

I was there after the tragedy; my bus from KL-Ipoh was separated by few cars from the accident. On that moment, our bus stopped in middle way, all the passenger curious what happened. Some of us went to our driver seat and observe what happened. Due to heavy rain and we r not carry any umbrella, so we r not manage to help the victim in front 100 meter of us. Other drivers were lending their hand to help the passenger trapped inside the Double Decker. After a while (dunno how long liao), those Bomba, Plus Officer & Polis arrived to the scene for their work.
Rain Stopped, me n some passenger on board walk down from the bus and immediately toward the crashed Double Decker. We saw a covered corpse (malay victim, 23) lay beside highway, some survivor descriptions what happened to the polis and bomba r trying to pull the Honda Oddysey, MPV from the tail of double decker. After a while, they were successful pull out the MPV and trying to rescue a long hair female victim dunno was faint or Pass Away (not really dare to look at it). Ambulance was arrived and carries those injuries, Polis and Bomba trying to hoist the double decker away to block the lane to Ipoh.
I am deeply saddened by the death of Lee Nian Ning and other young victim on this tragedy. May them “Rest in Peace”.
I will fully support the Petition. To avoid innocent lives are continuously being lost on our roads by those murder and irresponsible drive/buses company.
Petition To Have Safer Bus Rides For Long Distance Routes

The Expedited Writer said...

Name: Elaine Lim

I have posted this site up on my site to spread the word. I fully support the petition. This bus accident is not the first and it won't be the last until we do something. It's time to bring irresponsible bus companies to justice. said...


I got two comments over on my post and maybe you guys want to read about it. One of them is a lawyer and the other has a family member who perished in an accident. Over here

uselessness said...

I support you this petition. Irresponsible people should be off the road

zhenglik said...

i may not have the chance to travel by the interstate bus yet,but i know i am going to in the future.
SO,to my own safety and everyone else,I fully support this Petition!

F.R.E.D.Y said...

Name: Nerdyfred

I always seen accidents of express bus on the highway on newspaper! Is Malaysia's govt blind or they are just ignorance ?

What a great loss.I give fully support on this petition.

Anonymous said...

let's do something constructive.
In Hong Kong, the minibus are all fixed with a

SPeedometer, the size is about 15ins x 8 ins.


ALL passenger can see the speed the minibus is going.

The Max. speed is set to 60 KMph

Anytime, the speed exceed, a busser will BUZZZZZZZZZ. Automatically, the driver will slow down.

Why not recommend this to our Road Transport Department?


[ s y e n ] said...

@ anon : i'm not sure the gov will be willing to fork out the cash needed. too stingy. most of taxpayer's money end up in their pockets anyway. all they do is say they'll do smtg but they never do.

i've already signed the petition. in support the whole way. so are the Malaysians in NUS. we're gonna be spreading this widely. a fren of ours is Pang Boon Eng's (they mispelled his name!) cousin.

although we may not be able to change much, when taking buses, we should also be more attentive to the bus driver's way of driving and to voice our concerns when he is driving recklessly. it's our right as a consumer anyway.

all i hv to say is, i'm already distrusting bus companies like konsortium and such. for now, i'm only taking Aeroline to return to KL from Sg. way more ex but it's a good bargain for a safe journey home. the drivers really do drive carefully and within speed limits (and they arrive very punctually too).

last of all, may God rest Nian Ning, Boon Eng and the other victim's souls.

and may the driver SUFFERRRRRRRR!!!!

ЯάĉЋάξL Lιм said...

Name : Rachael Lim Lay Lin
Email :

I support this petition. My deepest condolences to Nian Ning's loved ones.

denzook said...

I've signed the petition. My condolences to the families of girl and 2 others perished in that accident.

The fact that Konsortium's not the first time involve freak accidents such as this, and there bunch of travelers can share their horror stories riding in its bus with the driver possessed by speed demon. And this will continue happening, even the driver is jailed for reckless, civil law suit wins, government poses advertisement on drive safety, etc etc. And how much the civil law suit will be ? 10 mil, 20 mil ? Konsortium (KBES Berhad) is rich, it is listed company and I doubt commoner civil suit can bring organization such as this down. And don't talk about boycotting the bus as I don't think it applies to majority malaysians and even if it does, it will be temporary effect.

I'm not legal expert, but I wonder how a bus with strings record of exceeding speed limit tickets, accidents, deaths can still operate without license revoked, and even expanding. Yes, this company is a malice I would say, and I hope that government is seriously considering its role of taking care ppl welfare to look into this matter. Besides charging the driver, can the government charge the directors/executives of Konsortium negligence, violating occupational safety and hazards ? Will there any public inquiry of Konsortium management, hiring and selecting drivers, and its accident statistics ? The last time I heard of charging supervisor for negligence (and workers) was construction accident that killed Dr. Liew at Sri Hartamas.

It's obvious that the driver has violated Road Transport Act Section 41 which conviction
be punished with imprisonment > 2yrs and < 10yrs and fine > rm5000 and < rm20000. One driver offs, another driver fills in. If no harsh punitive action taken to the company, the directors/execs, it's no show after-all, and why should other bus operator be worry if giant like konsortium can walk out free! It sends a very wrong message here and I hope deterrent punishment will struck against Konsortium to avoid more deaths by this rogue operator.

Aronil said...
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Aronil said...
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Norman Ng said...

Let's put an end to irresponsible bus driver and buses that are not road-worthy....You have my support on the petition.

Shorts said...

Divya Balakumar (

This shouldn't happen to anyone else!

Huei said...

Signed. I sure hope this helps, and finally we can step our feet into a bus, and reach our destination, not the last moment of our lives.

May Lee Nian Ning's soul rest in peace, and many others who ended in such tragedy.

Mindytsc said...

I'm 1 of her juniors in MGS. Although we seldom talk but she always smile at me as if we have known each other for yrs..I miss her smile...:(

I heard dat the salaries for all irresponsible bus drivers are based on how many trips that they managed to fetch in a day!!!
wth!!! no wonder they r driving like mad dogs!!! Something needs to be done b4 many more ppl get killed by dem!!!
May nian ning rest in peace..
I will miss you...

Evelyn said...

i would like to join this petition too!

Name: Evelyn Ong Sien Wern

A hope for every passenger to have a safe destination.

Sun Tzu II said...

"1837 signatures...isn't it amazing? And all this within 24 hours!!!"

Yes it is. I hope the support lasts and something permanent, constant, and effective materializes.

Otherwise... its too a high price to pay, just to learn nought. Hope it doesn't come to that :(

- Hui - said...

Is it possible to have a list of buses who had crazy drivers? I mean..there was a report in The Star once about a few bus companies that were under surveillance right? Anyway, you have my support ! =)
My deepest condolences to everyone who passed away during the terror ride. May all you all rest in peace.

Khairie said...

Dont just think buses. If anyone can remember the ferry incident, a few people died there too, when the ferry caught fire and sunk.

Blow this up so it shows the transport minister's incompetence. Then you'll be able to move and call for change.


Wanster said...

I am a regular bus traveler frequenting the Penang-JB route, and of late, I have completely lost my faith in bus operators in our country.

But still, I am left with no other choice come this Chinese New Year. Budget airlines are fully booked, and the only way home is through the buses. AND THEY STILL DARE RAISE THEIR PRICES!

You guys have my fullest support in this. I am sick of mishaps happening to people around me because of the irresponsible actions of others.

If the law enforcers are not competent enough, let us then do our parts by voicing out our dissatisfaction and disgust.

Let not the lives of the perished be unaccounted for. It's time for serious actions to be taken, and it shall start with us as the initiators.

Eric of Seattle WA, USA said...

Hi, my name is Eric; I came across this website via an outside link. It saddens me to see such tragedy happened to such promising young people. I am both Chinese by ethnicity and student by trade. Thanks for raising people’s awareness on this matter.

Please allow me to speak a bit from political science’s perspective. Three things are generally needed in order to bring about a social change: a strong judiciary, strong public awareness, and strong law enforcement. Please understand that i don’t mean harm (i do belong to the group who are “not able to afford plane tickets or drive our own cars.”) Without the first and the third component the government can simply shrug you off and tell you this is the "fact of life", depending on how callous they are.

Please email me at AT LEAST ONE WEEK after the memorial, if you elect to do so. My condolence to the families and friends of the victims of this senseless tragedy; i am so sorry about your losses.

Anonymous said...

Set the bus max speed limit to 90 KM/H. Set a check point every 100km on the highway to monitor the speed of the bus and condition of the driver. Bus companies should take more responsiblity. Harsher actions against those who are found guilty.I like the speed monitor in front of the passenger idea.

Anonymous said...

Name : Amanda Lim Yih Wey
Email :

im so sorry for the ones who happen to face the tragic accidents. this is the matter of life and death, which cannot be taken lightly. besides, it aint fair to let those innocences one die just like that. really hope the gov or those authority ppl will do something about it.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

I have signed myself at the respective URL you place. Thank you for the effort and let's all get together to fight for our rights in transportation safety!

What's the point of paying our useless bus and taxi transportation when they all drive recklessly with rude manners and secretly holding up numerous summonses.

Should this petition failed at some unforeseen circumstances, I will NEVER support any public transportation anymore. I'd rather walk!

Fight for Nian Ning!

babyfiona said...

Its in the Star online today! check it out!

KoSong Cafe said...

As a frequent user of NSE, I notice a number of accidents caused by inadequate warning and very often late warning about any obstruction eg. stationary vehicles as a result of break-down or accident.

Even now as they are widening from two to three lanes, a very short distance of 'arrow' signs and we are faced with a single lane - just imagine if more vehicles were travelling fast and close to each other.

Of course, we are warned to do only 60km/h but is there enforcement? Because the public are paying the tolls, enforcement is negligible in order not to upset the public. Even if I were to observe the speed limits, I would incur the anger of motorists following me travelling at 90-100 km/h which I am sure many would agree seems to be the comfortable speed at the stretch under construction. So, most motorists are breaking the law, travelling between 30-40km/h above 60km/h and having to pay toll, while those using the old road are comfortably travelling at 90km/h (where there are dual-carriage roads)- 10km/h above the limit, without having to pay toll.

Of course, we are still having bad bus drivers on the road, after the publicity of strict enforcement a few days of each serious accident. Welcome to Malaysia Russian Roulette Highway!

Anonymous said...
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Gua said...

To those who didn't take bus service, don't think that this will not impact on you. The truth is, those bus driver and bus service company is endanger the safety of the passengers and also the other cars that travel on the road.

So, let us all sign the petition and ask for tight enforcement to be taken on those buses.


Rest in peace for the victims of all these incident.

Anonymous said...

Last year I complain to HOTMAIL then I wrote to MalayMail Editor this letter - all also ignored & swept under the carpet. I never hear from any of them. Maybe my English so bad, they dont care. Or maybe they care but got paid kopi money by bus companies to shut up mouth !

Subject: Another Bus Ordeal
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 06:35:37 +0000

Dear Editor,

I refer to “Frustrated Larkin” Malay Mail, Nov 28. I had the same experience or even worse I purchased a bus ticket from the Konsortium Bus Ekspress Semenanjung (M) S/B at PuduRaya on Nov 1 for my departure on Nov 4. It is printed on the ticket 9.30AM, KL–Johor Bahru on Nov 4, 2007 & seat #10 of which I was asked to choose from their sophisticated computer screen at the counter.

Before printing the ticket, I asked the girl if it will make a stop at Skudai Parade and the reply was of course !

On the day of my departure I was at PuduRaya an hour early and went down to the platform at 9.15AM to supposedly board the 9.30AM bus. The rude staff from Konsortium Bus wearing their usual red t-shirts carrying their walkie-talkies directed me to board a bus that was 80% occupied. The bus conductor took my ticket and told me it was “free seating”. When I said I paid for seat #10 (on the single row), he said that was the 9AM bus and if I want to board this it is free seating. I did not as I didn’t want to be seated next to a total stranger and I waited for the 9.30AM.

Right after another bus arrived and the same rude staff directed passengers to the top of his voice indicating that it was the KL-Singapore Express bus and ready for boarding. I did not as my ticket was KL-Johor Bahru. After a while he shouts at me and to the remaining passenger to board that bus, when I asked him – doest that go to Singapore he walked away snubbing at me.

After a little while he forced me and another lady to board that bus… by shouting at us to the top of his voice. We went along as he seem desperate to release the bus with a full capacity passengers. What they are doing is to fill the empty seats with the next waiting passengers, it did not matter to them what ticket you hold. Upon boarding the bus, we did not have seats ! The same rude staff was so frustrated & uttered to me “Bodoh jangan buat tak tahu” (stupid don’t make don’t know), everyone heard it aloud and I was almost in tears as everyone starred at each other. He challenged me and said he did announce that the bus was going to Johor !! I remained totall quiet as I knew he had a major problem with his customer service skills.

The bus I boarded that day (JWD 9288) had half cut mineral bottles stuffed into the openings of the air conditioning which one can find above your seat as 70% of the air conditionings were leaking !!

I understand how threatened “Frustrated Larkin” felt. We the single traveling women passengers are always made to feel very low. We want to take care of our safety by asking for what was printed on our ticket. Why is this kind of inefficiency happening in such a developed country ?. Sadly, these operators (and many more) will survive the business as “Frustrated Larkin” wrote the authorities know how they work ! Do I say Syabas to Malaysia ?

Born In Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I feel so upset seeing such news of Nian Ning thru online. Myself now in San Francisco and I always view the star paper almost everyday. I really feel that the goverment are not doing their job at all. They take no action on all this unresponsble driver and bus company. No matter how many lives have died, they just no action on it. For God Sake please do take action on all this inresponsible company and bus driver. If 1 day the person who u love died on the road with this inresponsible driver and company, what would you feel? Please do take action in all this people before 1 day it happen to be 1 of ur family member.

Fight for Nian Ning

marcus chan said...
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Joe said...

Dear Malaysians,
I rarely used the express bus service, but recently used one for KLIA-KL Sentral route. I am afraid the problems may also be that the bus drivers are uneducated flock somewhat. Although we all know such thing as "safe distance" driving, the Express bus actually follow the lorries bum very close, to the point where I think if the lorry perform an emergency break, there is no way the driver can avoid the lorry. Also, the driver would sometimes purposely try to overtake dangerously (when the lanes on the highway are very crowded ). I also noted the driver using his handphone a few times while driving. Is it that these drivers are inherently among uneducated flock - I am not sure. But it is scary to have such driver on public transport - where so many lives could be at stake. I have also used RapidKL service, and most of the time their drivers are ok, but when there was once when I used the service at PutraJaya, the driver was actually driving so fast that I felt he was in somekind of a race track (note that PutraJaya roads are somewhat less crowded). He also purposely threatened a small Kancil on the right lane of the road by following it damn close at high speed. Until the attitude of such irresponsible flock could be straighten, Im afraid there will be more disasters to come.

lkwah86 said...

Signed. i hope all drivers in m'sia can be more responsible to the life of other people.

Michael Peter Foo said...

I feel sorry for Nian Ning. Her bright future but it was robbed by a reckless driver. I personally boycott Konsortium Bas Ekspress Semenanjung (M) Sdn. Bhd - KBES. for interstate travelling. I have been travelling from ipoh to butterworth or penang for almost 4 years. I had witnessed a lot of buses invlove in accident. However, I can testify that KBES had a bunch of stunt drivers that can crash their buses on the right lane but the back up on the hill. In addition to that, KBES buses especially those plying KL-Ipoh and Ipoh-Butterworth are of worst condition. Broken seats, malfunctioned air-conditoner, loose suspension, what ever you name it they got it. I think they regard these 2 routes are 'short-distance' in comparable to those exceeding 200km like KL-Pg, Singapore-Pg. From what i had known of, most Ipoh people don't want to go for KBES for Butterworth bound. Mostly people choose this company is due to its speed that rarely have other bus companies can or dare to acheive.

sungimann said...

Condolences to the families.

This is a very good effort to raise the public awareness for the poor public service that we have. Hope you get 10,000 signatures soon.

Signature no 7054.

puvanan said...

Signed and posted in my blog. I hope we can stand together to make Malaysia a better place in terms of road safety. My support and energy will always be there for you guys.

And.. It's festive season. Make sure you stay safe on roads.

Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully the authorities may learn something from this incident. Not may, it's a must!

I have plenty of friends going back to their hometowns on a regular basis. God knows what will happen.

Everytime it's just about the same case. From accidents on the road or on the sea, no actions will be taken unless something 'spectacular' happened. Do we need to "pay" with lives to get attention from the authorities? Maybe it's just our culture to have this "tidak apa" attitude. Didn't anyone learn from the ferry incident?

We're already 51 years old this year & things like this are still happening. I wonder why we spend so much on certain things while neglecting some simple but important stuff. Enough said. 2 incidents are more than enough to leave a reminder to us all. Like every other fellow Malaysians, I could only hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

Be advised: please be sure to add something concrete and legally feasible to your agenda before the momentum dissipates; you certainly don't want the memory to go in vain.

Anonymous said...

sry 2 hear abt dis
may peace b on ur soul who pass away

Roshann said...

Roshann a/l Mathiahlagan

Oracle (欧洛格) said...

Tan Xian Hui

I just took the bus to KL, and I saw them driving very recklessly, even in the very back seat(seat 17/18) I saw the bus sticking very close to the car in front, as if trying to force them to the slow lane, and as soon as the car in front drove into the slow lane, the bus took off, very fast.

they are threatening not the life of the pessenger, and oso other road user, it was one very dangerous ride.

pray, for saftier road, not just bus ride.

ljuannx said...

Towards safer roads and drivers in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

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Yours truly,
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Anonymous said...

and yet it is still happening !!!

SEREMBAN: One person was killed and 16 others injured when the express bus they were travelling in crashed into safety railings and overturned at Km265.1 of the North-South Expressway yesterday morning.

The bus was carrying 27 passengers en route from Johor Baru to Kuala Lumpur when the incident occurred near the Seremban toll at 3.45am.

Investigations revealed that as many as 52 summonses had been issued against the bus company since 2004, and that driver recklessness could have been a factor in the accident.

Mohd Arshad Razali, 23, from Kota Tinggi, Johor, an armed forces personnel attached to an army camp in Kuching died at the scene from injuries to the head and body.

Among the 16 injured passengers rushed to the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital here was Arshad's fiancee, Juliana Ahmad, from Ulu Tiram, Johor.

Juliana, in her 20s, underwent surgery and is reported to be in stable condition.

State Traffic chief assistant superintendent Abdul Halil Hamzah said the incident was believed to have occurred when the 23-year-old driver, who had only obtained his licence three months ago, lost control of the vehicle, which then crashed into safety railings before turning tur-tle by the side of the expressway.

"Some of the injured were pinned to their seats before being rescued by firemen."

One passenger, identified only as Yusof, 35, said the incident occurred so fast that everyone was screaming, and before he knew it the bus had overturned.

"I did notice that the bus was travelling rather fast," he said.

Another passenger who escaped with minor injuries, Fauzi Astaman, 44, said he had felt uneasy when the bus began speeding, and at certain points even held his son's hand.

"We were worried and could not sleep. I am thankful that we did not, as we were able to react faster and hold on to our seats when the incident occurred," he said.

"Those who were asleep were thrown from their seats," he added

serotee said...

name: sarah teh ling wai

Bus Crash No More!!

good luck yup..
I cant do much lol...

Sun Tzu II said...

Another one in Rawang this morning. Sounds exactly like Nian Ning's case. Double-decker skid, crash, and flipped on the Nouth-South Highway.

Rest in Peace.

K.M. Phoon said...

In case you haven't know, this blog was featured on page 23 of 19th April 2009 issue of the New Straits Times.

RIP Nian Ning.

jlshyang said...

K.M Phoon: Thanks for the alert Mr. Phoon.

Tinta Pemandu said...

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jlshyang said...

Tinta Pemamndu: Thanks for your support. Let us work together for safer inter city bus rides.

Kendrick Ng said...

I hereby, support and signed the petition =)