Thursday, April 2, 2009

Express buses encouraged to install GPS

IPOH: Express bus companies are encouraged to install the Global Positioning System (GPS) on all its buses to monitor their movements and location, Perak Road Transport Department director Md Yasir Mastakim said.

Md Yasir said the GPS would help deter bus drivers from committing offences on the road and minimise road accidents. "With the system, drivers would automatically observe self-discipline and follow the rules," said Md Yasir at the launch of Sri Maju Sarata Ekspres Sdn Bhd's double-decker buses here Thursday.

"The GPS will allow bus companies to monitor the location and the speed of their buses from their headquarters," he added. Md Yasir said the system could also help track down how many times their drivers have broken the law.

He added that most bus companies in foreign countries have installed the system in their buses.

Md Yasir said express bus companies should also advise passengers to fasten the seatbelts available on their buses.

"Although the regulation to wear seatbelt on buses has not been enforced, all passengers should be encourage to fasten their safety belts for their safety.

He noted that the regulation would be implemented and is pending approval from the government.

Earlier, Md Yasir launched Sri Maju's two double-decker express buses.

The buses, which started operations Thursday, would ply the Ipoh - Haadyai and Ipoh - Singapore routes.

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