Saturday, December 20, 2008

Road Safety Dept to conduct study on buses

The Star Online

MUAR: The Road Safety Department has been directed to carry out a viability study on express buses operating at night to prevent accidents.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Kiat said he had received views and also discussed this with his counterparts in other countries on the matter.

Speaking to reporters here he said although a person had rested and slept during the day, it would be going against his biological clock to drive throughout the night.

“A person can become fatigued and we must accept the fact that the human body has been accustomed to resting or sleeping during the night,” he said.

The department is expected to complete the study soon, he said after opening the Muar Lions Club’s renal centre building in Sungai Abong yesterday.

Ong said besides night operation, the department would also consider extending the regulation on bus roof specifications for new buses to include older buses.

He said the specification was outlined by the United Nations Economic Commissions for Europe and the ministry wanted all buses to observe the R66 regulation ‑ which deals with roll over strength of buses.

He said the new regulation was imposed only on new buses but there were many old buses which the ministry felt should also comply with the R66 regulation.

Commenting to the crash of an express bus near Tangkak which killed 10 passengers recently, he said all related agencies would be involved in the study into the cause of the accident.

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