Sunday, May 18, 2008

One-month ban for ‘bad record’ bus operator

ALOR STAR: All 232 express buses owned by Syarikat Konsortium Bas Ekspres Semenanjung Bhd have been grounded a month for having a “bad track record”.

Road Transport Department (JPJ) enforcement director Salim Parlan said the suspension effective Wednesday would end on June 16.

He said the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) made the decision after its inquiry revealed that many of the company’s buses were involved in road accidents.

“We will station our enforcement officers at all 36 bus terminals in the country to ensure the suspension order is complied with,” he said on Thursday night.

He said JPJ had detained a bus in Puduraya and two buses in the Medan Gopeng bus terminal in Ipoh after the company was found to have defied the suspension order.

Hundreds of passengers were stranded at Puduraya yesterday when they found that they could not board any of the various Konsortium buses parked at the platforms.

Last August, four passengers were killed after the bus they were in overturned into a ditch on the North-South Expressway.


Anonymous said...

An update :-

Bus company defies directive

KUALA LUMPUR: Three days after bus company Syarikat Konsortium Bas Ekspres Semananjung Bhd was grounded, at least two of its vehicles were seen operating at the Puduraya bus station here.

Oblivious passengers were seen boarding the buses to Taiping and Ipoh. The commuters said they were not aware that the bus company had been grounded for a month from Wednesday because their vehicles had been involved in a number of road accidents.

Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board chairman Datuk Markiman Kobiran said he had instructed the Road Transport Department to seize any of the buses that operated in defiance of the suspension of the company's 232 buses.

“We will not compromise on this,” he said.

On Friday, the department impounded two more buses belonging to the company as they were still in service.

JPJ Director of Enforcement Salim Parlan told Bernama the department had earlier impounded three buses in Johor, Kedah and Malacca.

Pan Malaysian Bus Operators Association president Datuk Ashfar Ali said the bus company was not one of its members but that he felt sad for the passengers.

“Employees would also suffer as it is not known if the company can afford to pay them,” he said.

Taken from TheStar May 18 2008

ken said...

Serves them right. Its about time. After this they should just bar KBES from operating permanently.